Enhance Image Quality with Ease Using AI Image Upscaler

With AIT AI Image Upscaler feature, effortlessly increase the size and resolution of your patterns or images without compromising quality, making your designs print-ready. With just one click, automatically scale your selected image up to six times its original size.
AI image upscaler

AI Image Upscaler Seamlessly Integrated into Your Design Journey with AIT AI Tools

Upload your own designs or imagined patterns to the Upscaler section powered by AI Image Upscaler. Choose your desired resolution between 2x and 6x, then simply click the ‘Upscale’ button and watch your design transform.
AI image Upsaler

Generate High-Quality Prints that Make an Impact

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What is an AI upscaler?

An AI upscaler enhances pattern quality and resolution using advanced artificial intelligence, preserving and enhancing details with precision.

What are the benefits of using an upscaler?

By using an upscaler, patterns or images gain clarity, sharpness, and an overall aesthetic boost. It preserves and enhances details, resulting in more professional and visually appealing outcomes.

How does the AI pattern upscaler work?

Users can start by registering on AIT AI Tools. After registration, they select the file they want to enhance through the user-friendly interface, choose their preferred settings, and initiate the upscaling process. Upon completion, they can download the high-quality results.

What's AIT AI Tools file size limit?

The file size limit provided by AIT AI Tools is generally 10MB.