Elevate Your Textile Designs with Imagine AI Pattern Generator

Imagine is an impressive AI pattern generator designed to quickly transform designs. Users can easily alter their patterns by providing a reference pattern and specific requests through Imagine, an AI pattern generator.

Prompt Generator

For your textile designs, you can easily benefit from a variety of style categories. Choose from artists, art movements, drawing, and painting techniques, and leave the rest to AIT AI Pattern Generator. Unleash your imagination and take steps to reach the pinnacle of creativity.
ai pattern generator for textile design

How to use AI Pattern Generator?

  1. Register your account
Go to AI AIT Tools registration page. Fill in required fields with email and password. Click “Register”. Then verify your email and Log in.
2. Upload reference pattern
Click or Drag to upload your reference pattern. The maximum file size is 10MB, it supports PNG and JPEG.
3. Write a prompt
Describe your desired pattern in prompt area, or use prompt generator to achieve the best results.
4. Generate your pattern
Click the “Generate” button to create your pattern. “IMAGINE” will generates 4 patterns for optimal selection.
Prompt: embroidery, embroideredi inspired by Max Slevogt, fabrics textiles

What are the unique features of Imagine?

Imagine stands out with its ability to choose artistic movements, artists, and painting techniques. The advanced features section allows you to achieve various unique results by altering the fidelity or originality of the reference pattern.

Which languages does the prompt support?

Imagine supports all languages in the prompt area.

File format options for pattern uploads?

Imagine allows you to upload your patterns in common file formats such as PNG or JPEG. Downloaded files are usually saved in PNG format.

What are the pattern upload requirements?

For quality and accurate results, your file size should be a maximum of 10MB, and the pattern resolution should be a minimum of 1024 pixels. This enables the creation of high-quality and detailed patterns.

How can I get started and use Imagine?

To get started with Imagine, you need to register on the platform. After registration, you can easily upload and transform your patterns using a simple user interface.