Innovative Textile Pattern Archiving Solutions

Archivist is an archiving that automatically categorizes your designs, powered by ai search solution to help you find similar patterns with one click, optimizing your production process while conserving time.
Pattern Archiving and Classification:
    • Archivist scans, categorizes, and labels patterns for easy access.
Similar Pattern Search:
    • Archivist finds patterns resembling desired ones, saving designers’ time.
Efficient Workflow Management:
    • Archivist speeds up design processes, improving productivity.
Rediscovery of Valuable Data:
    • Archivist helps find lost patterns, rediscovering valuable data.
Collaboration and Sharing:
    • Archivist simplifies pattern sharing, enhancing teamwork.
Cost and Time Savings:
    • Archivist reduces pattern recreation, saving time and costs.
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Enhanced Archiving Solutions with AI in Textile

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Pattern Control

It facilitates the organization and categorization of your pattern archive, enabling you to quickly find the patterns you’re looking for.

AI Search

The AI-powered search engine automatically presents you with similar and compatible patterns when you upload your designs.

Efficiency and Inspiration

It provides a user-friendly interface for managing, classifying, and searching your patterns, inspiration and productivity.