Efficient Pattern Repair and Reporting with Repeat Pattern Generator Solution

Easily craft flawless designs with our Repeat Pattern Generator, guaranteeing your preferred reporting rate, size, and repetition. Enhance your creative process with our Tileable Pattern Generator, offering seamless design solutions tailored to your exact specifications.

Discover the Powerful Features of REPEATER!

Repeat Ratios

While reporting your patterns with the Repeat Pattern Generator, you can choose the desired horizontal and vertical ratios, ensuring your designs are in the exact dimensions and proportions you desire.

Reported Brush Size

The Brush Size feature automatically selects areas in your pattern design requiring reporting and enables you to choose the size for repair.
Repeat Pattern Generator

Report and Repair

It automatically detects areas needing reporting, and after reporting, you can view the corrected seamless pattern.
Repeat Pattern Generator
Example Pattern Created with Repeat Pattern Generator

How to use Repeater?

To start using Repeater, you need to sign up for the platform. After registration, you can upload your patterns or create patterns with Imagine and automatically repair and lay them out by adjusting the desired report rate.

What are the unique features of Repeater?

Repeater offers the ability to report patterns and automatically repair them once set to the desired report rate. This feature saves time and allows you to produce patterns at the desired size and repetition rate.

How does Repeater fix my patterns?

Repeater automatically recognizes and processes patterns according to the desired report rate. This ensures flawless repetition of your patternsx

How long does pattern reporting take?

Thanks to Repeater’s automatic functions, pattern reporting is completed quickly. However, the time may vary depending on the size and complexity of the pattern.